To use the server you have booked, you need to connect to the server with the correct credentials, and we have assigned super administrator privileges to all schoolmates.

Download connection file

Please note: This server is shared by all schoolmate. Please do not store any of your private files on this server, and do not log into your online accounts, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter account on this server to avoid theft.

At the time of your booked, you can click here to download the connection file.

After successfuly downloaded, open the viyfschool-international.rdp file. After opening it, select "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer", and then click "Connect". In the "Windows Security" dialog box, type the password you filled in when you made the booked, and then click "OK" to log in to the server.

Tips: If you book the server several times, there is no need to download the connection file every time.

To use

When you successfully log in the server, you will hear a melodious music, when the music finished playing, you can start to use the server. If you need a screen reader, please try to press Ctrl + Alt + I to start Zhengdu Screen Reader Youth Edition, or press Ctrl + Alt + N to start NVDA.

To go back and forth between the server and your computer, use Ctrl + Alt + Pause. Press Pause to stop/restore the Zhengdu Screen Reader.

We recommend that you close the VPN before connecting, otherwise the network quality may not be good.

If this is your first time using our server, check out the methods in The "Explore" to play around with the server, and if you have problems, visit the Help page to get help.